More organized homes and cleaner oceans.

OSHEN founder Tonia Krauser.

Who We Are

Founded by Tonia Krauser, OSHEN is
an eco-conscious lifestyle brand that creates sustainable beauty accessories. We feel that the responsible way to make a product is to reuse existing materials.

There is an endless supply of plastic in our oceans, and more being added to waterways each day, so we choose to use recycled ocean plastic and ocean-bound plastic to create our products. Plastic doesn't belong in our oceans, so we're working with like-minded organizations to do something about it.

We believe in a place for everything and everything in its place.

Plastic floating in the ocean.

What We Do

OSHEN creates sustainable beauty accessories using recycled ocean plastic. We focus on three pillars of product design: style, function and sustainability.

We source recycled ocean-bound and ocean plastic from Oceanworks, the largest marketplace for ocean plastic, to ensure reliable traceability of materials.

We work with an ethical factory to produce design-forward, quality products. Style, function and sustainability drive all of our decisions as we bring you more sustainable beauty accessories.